Johnny 2 Spins

Sadly Johnny 2 Spins, our singer, passed away on 23rd August 2013 after his two year illness.

John battled bravely against the illness, never losing his sense of humour, and continued to rehearse and sing
with the band as long as he could. Everybody who saw the band will remember the extensive range of songs that
John handled and, in particular, his enthusiasm for the swing songs.
The band miss John, his friendship, and his sense of humour, and we will never forget him.
John was insistent that the band must continue in his absence and we will continue to perform some of John's
favourites in memory of him.

The band thank the many, many people who have asked about John; he had many friends and fans.

The band are currently rehearsing with Bob, our new singer. Bob was a friend of John's and John recommended
that Bob took on the role of our singer.


Lead vocal, tambourine, maracas, bongos, triangle, flute, whistle and spoons

Bob, variously known as Bob No Choice, Bob the Spoon and Boxter Bob, is
a man of many, many talents; he runs marathons, plays proper golf and he
also brings a theatrical bent to the Guvners. He’s been a thespian for many
years and has been in numerous musicals. He’s appeared in ‘Oklahomah’ (campest
cowboy), ‘Pirates of Penzance’ (lead pillager and parrott coach) and received critical
acclaim for his performance as a spoon in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (having failed
the audition for the Beast).
Bob also has a passion for nice cars - he’s had a Bentley, a Porsche and now has
a Fiat Bubble Car.
Bob is now also the official band percussionist - he can play spoons, triangle
and chopsticks, and has a degree in tambouring. He’s currently taking a Master in
Maracas at Macclesfield University. He also has some lovely bongos.
Since joining the Guvners, Bob has declined offers of sponsorship from both Just
for Men and Grecian 2000 and is open to any offers.


Lead, rhythm and every type of guitar, backing vocals and headwear specialist

Roger has been trying to play guitar for many years and has just about
perfected it. In fact during his last UK tour, the great Carlos Santana
lined up Roger to be second reserve in case there were problems. Roger
enjoyed the experience and is now fluent in Mexican and lives off fajitas.
Roger was delighted to receive a hat from Santana as a 'thank you' and
wears it for special gigs.


Keyboards, effects and financial arrangements

Andy served his apprenticeship with the Wythenshawe Philharmonic Orchestra,
playing fourth trombone, and then decided to take up piano instead. He's
still trying to work out what his box of tricks will do and is continually
amazed by the notes coming from it. A keen yachtsman, Andy's ambition is to
skipper a yacht across the equator whilst playing his organ.
Andy is currently developing a twenty minute concerto for the band, loosely
based on the theme from 'Captain Pugwash'.

Mark the bass

Bass guitar, wierd dancer, shouting and grunting effects and rehearsal saboteur

Mark the bass is the musical brains of the band and regularly theorises on whether
we should be playing a 'major fifth' or in 'b flat minor' whilst the rest of the
band just 'go for it'. He's been playing for many years and has worked with Chas
and Dave.
He is an expert at using old batteries and blames the odd 'bum note' on a lack of
battery power. He also excels at getting the band lost when they are playing
away from home.

Mark the drummer

Drums, smoke machine, wind generation and drinks organiser

Mark the drummer tries to hold the band together whilst different members of
the band want to play at their speed. He's still trying to work out what to
do with his feet during the 'twiddly bits'.
He gets frustrated by the sight of various band members' backsides during gigs
as it stops him from enjoying the scenery.
He has spent many years studying smoke effects and is an expert in wind